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  • Introduction of suitable high yielding/improved varieties/breeds and Increasing crop productivity through scientific management, Diversification of agriculture- Floriculture as a means of diversification
  • Overcoming gap in adoption of recommended technologies of crops, livestock, fishery & other enterprises.
  • Adoption of INM, IPM and IWM in major field and horticultural crops.
  • To popularize improved cultivation technique of HYV of Oilseeds, Pulse and vegetables suitable for hill slope and Improvement of Jhum land and Organizing Farmers Interest Group, Commodity Interest Group and SHGs †††

Activities to be Carried out by KVK North Tripura, Panisagar.   

Survey to conduct situation analysis of farming systems and identify the potential areas of training, technology adoption gap, production constraints with understanding of farmersí circumstances and critical analysis of their needs and requirements.
Benchmark survey of the district and documentation of existing traditional farming practices, production technologies and cropping systems.
Resource mapping (natural/manmade) of the district.
Setting up of nurseries to produce seeds and seedlings.
Screening and assessment (OFT) of resources and technologies suitable to the area and demonstrating it to the farmers for adoption (FLD).
Identification of major pests, weeds and disease affecting crops and livestock with their remedial measures.
To select, demonstrate, promote viable eco-friendly agricultural techniques for managing nutrients, pest, disease and weeds for better productivity.
Promoting local entrepreneurs for agricultural and allied sectors enterprise and creating marketing channels and credit linkages.
Identifying the scope for farm mechanization.



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