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KVK North Tripura was sanctioned by ICAR during the year 2005 under the host Institute of Directorate of Agriculture (Krishi Bhawan), Agartala, Tripura. It is located at Panisagar which is about 0.5 Km from Panisagar Sub-Divisional Head Quarter. At present there are 4 (Four) nos of Subject Matter Specialist i.e on Agronomy, Horticulture, Fishery, & Veterinary , Farm Manager, Computer Programmer , 1(One) Driver cum Mechanic and supporting Staffs  joined. At the present level only 10 (Ten) no. of Staffs/ Officers are working in KVK North Panisagar. Two Districts namely North Tripura and Unokoti are under this KVK North Tripura.

The North Tripura district is divided into three sub-divisions namely Dharmanagar, Panisagar, Kanchanpur and Unakoti districts is divided into two Sub-Divisions namely Kumarghat and Kailashahar.

 North Tripura occupies an area of 2469.90 Sq. km. As per 2011 census, the total population of the district is 693,281, comprising of 352,471 males and 340,810 females. It is located between 24 19' Latitude and 92 01' Longitude.
The people of North Tripura are mostly engaged in tea plantation, food processing, brick klins, wood processing units, light engineering, rubber based units, spices, plastics and polymers, milk Diary, handloom, handicrafts and other small scale industries.

Total Land Coverage :

Serial No Item Area (ha)
1 Under Buildings 0.8
2 Under Demonstration Units 0.4
3 Under Crops 0.5
4 Orchard / Agro-forestry 6.15
5 Others 4




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